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The one point perspective (1PP) is often referred to as being the internal perspective.

A 1PP is so defined for having only one vanishing point centered on the horizon. Rather like looking down a pipe. A typical example could be of an architect's impression of an auditorium.

Despite the 1PP being an ideal method for drawing internal perspectives, it is also can applicable to some external perspectives where a single vanishing point on the horizon sets the regression. A typical example of an external 1PP could be of a view looking down a railway track or looking down a street in Manhattan.

The primary diference between a 1 point perspective and all others is that the 1 point 'views' an open space. Whereas the other types of perspective 'view' an object.

In this example a step-by-step demonstration will show you how to draw an internal 1-point perspective of a small auditorium.

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