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Hi, and welcome to Peter Clements Art Studios.

This is a tutorial site dedicated to Pencil Art and the Artist's way of thinking.

This includes a wide range of useful Articles, descriptive Illustrations and several step by step slideshow demonstration.

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Pencil Drawing

Most of the pages in this section have been revamped.

The page layout has also been organised into a concurrent sequence. This allows the user to progressively move from page to page to review the variances of a common topic.

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  • Draw Shadows:

    This is an extension of the previous page on How to draw light. Here we will be reviewing the importance of shadows and how they boost or even soften the contrasts.

  • Pencil Art:

    The primary objective of this page is to look at more advanced techniques. I foresee that this page will be an ongoing process as different ideas and concepts come to light.

  • Perspective in Art:

    Perspective in realistic studies is preserved as being a good thing. However, looking at it from a different point of view 'things' can be made to look different. Where new possibilities challenge the expected, and play on new dimensions such as curiosity and mystique. Besides a different point of view perspective can play an important part of a study's composition.

  • Land/Seascapes:

    Endemic to both land and seascape studies is the variation of textures. Here, the different types will be reviewed and what techniques can be used to achieve the best results.

  • Wildlife Studies:

    As in landscapes the variation of textures is as relevant. Then there is that added demand on how to draw the detail of the different types of animals. This page will be reviewing both.

  • Still-life Studies:

    A downfall of the still-life drawing is when it gets a little too busy. As a result the object of the study tends to loose focus and become messy. On this page we will explore the value of each item and it purpose in the overall design. Where less is better and the composition point to a bigger purpose. Lighting is very important as is the shadows it may cast.

  • How to Draw:

    This page will demonstrate how to draw different items, details and finishes. Ranging from how to draw wet skin to finishes such as polished granite or wood. This will be an ongoing process as a when new entries are added.


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  • Facial Features:

    This page is an extension of how to draw portraits. It will focus on the dimensions and how draw the different facial features.

  • Skin Textures:
  • Wet Skin:
  • Black Skin:

    Besides the tonal range of the different kinds of skin, skin textures are also part and parcel of the drawing portraits. Here we will review how different drawing techniques can create a number of these skin textures.

  • Body Dimensions:

    A page deals with the physical dimensions of the human body and it's skeletal movement.

  • Figure Studies:

    This is the start of series of pages on figure studies and the composition of the black and white nude.

Point Perspective

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  • Multi 3 Point Perspective

    A step-by-step demonstration on how to draw a multi 3 point perspective.

  • Spirals / Staircase

    A step-by-step demonstration on how to draw a multi 3 point perspective of a spiral.

  • Cylinder & Ellipsis

    A step-by-step demonstration on how to draw a multi 2 & 3 point perspective of a cylinder or ellipsis.

  • Irregular Shapes

    AA step-by-step demonstration on how to draw a perspective of an irregular shape.

  • Light & Shadows

    Here we will review how shadows are affected by perspective.

  • Transparent Images

    A step-by-step demonstration on how to draw an axonometric projection and Perspective of a transparent image.

  • Reversed Images

    Here we will discuss how to reverse the process to create a plan and, or elevation draw from a photograph or similar.

Way of Thinking

Is a series of articles that offer creative ideas to challenge our understanding of 'things' we see as being logical.

Having a good reason to do something is not always a sure ticket to success. Artists in all fields have time and time again stated that their achievements have come about through innovation and a relentless determination to pursue their passion.

The object of the pending articles is to through light on that way of thinking. To tempt the artist to take a fresh look at how they are fore filling their passion.

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  • Artistic Inspiration

    Here we will discuss the differences between artistic Motivation and artistic Inspiration.


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