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Much of this website has been dedicated to the requirements, techniques and composition of a pencil drawing. The object of this page is to direct you through the information already compiled and give an insight as to what is pending.

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The Pencil Portrait or black and white portraits are different to their colour counterparts in that they are perceived differently. Due to their lack of colour they naturally inherit a sense of mystique. It is that factor that can give the artist a springboard to a new dimension in sentiment.

There is a lot to be covered to develop a sound knowledge of what it takes to create that portrait.

This page has been structured as list of topics that will be compiled and added as soon as they are available. Each can be seen as another 'tool' in a toolbox on 'How to draw a Pencil Portrait'.




Draw Portraits

The object of this text is to give the artist a comprehensive list of techniques and guidelines to help them create a successful portrait.

Draw portraits will review the following:

Face Dimensions

Every face has their subtle differences. Barring identical twins and the like no two faces are the same. Even then, over time, each will develop unique differences setting them apart from the other. Consequently, it is important to have good reference material so that those differences in the dimensions of the human face can be measured and transposed on to you drawing.

Face Dimensions will review the following:

Draw Skin Tone

To draw skin tone is a very important aspect of portraiture. If you know how to reproduce skin tone and the different textures common to skin the complexities of portraiture and figure studies will be reduced considerable.

Draw Skin Tone will review the following:

"You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul."

Draw Hair

Knowing how to draw hair is easier said than done. Yes, it is an involved process, but the principal is simple. Get the basics right and you will be able to draw hair that goes up, down or around and around

Draw Hair will review the following:

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